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Hair mask with avocado and bitter almonds based on avocado oil, is able to nourish hair and skin in five minutes, saturate them with moisture, provide resources for regeneration.  Thanks to the carotene and vitamin E in the composition, the mask combines nourishing and moisturizing properties, restores structural damage, providing smoothness and a healthy glossy shine.

HOW TO USE: Take a small amount of hair mask on the palm of your hand and evenly distribute it over wet hair from the middle of the rod to the tips. Leave the mask on your hair for 3-5 minutes, then rinse.

CAUTİONS: Use only as intended. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


◉ Strengthens, prevents brittleness and split.

Keratin+Vitamin E 

◉ Saturates the hair with moisture, giving it elasticity and smoothness.