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Healthy and healing clay for body and problem areas contains subsoil and marine organic and inorganic substances originated due to the long geological and biological processes. Clay-Peloid is effetive in degreasing in cytokine IL-1 and TNF alpha levels that is effective in gristle breakdown in alphaoesteoarthritte, and supply increse in IGF-1 levels to haveprotective effect on gristle structure and have anti-inflammatory effect İs used especially in the treatment of diseases such as.

•Joint degeneration (accumulation of salts)
•Soft tissue rheumatism (fibromyalgia)
•Lumbar discopathy (lumbar hernia)
•Cervical discopathy (cervical hernia)
•Chronic low back and neck pain
•Pain in the joints
•Stretch marks and bruised muscles

Cosmetic clay for the whole body is very rich chemically (naturally), has outstanding thermal properties and can absorb heat and inject it into deep tissues. Rich in organic substances. High water absorption. High heat-absorbing capacity . Microbiologically pure 100% natural product. Effect of clay mask on the body;

•Tissues and cells are supported by a large amount of oxygen and nutrients.
•Increased metabolic processes, and harmful substances are removed from the body.
•Activates hormonal activity and the immune system.
•The cold humidity of the clay releases the pores on the skin and brings blood to the surface.
•It prevents inflammation based on infections and fungi.
•It treats itchy rashes, eliminates redness and puffiness, and provides water balance to the skin.
•Degreases skin redness and pain when touched
•Ensure the appropriate skin pH..
•Ensure normal skin tone.
•Keeps dry and chapped skin.
•Removes cellulite
•Makes dry and sensitive skin flexible and bright.
•Deters from old age appearance (rejuvenates).
•Rovides a natural hormonal balance due to its constituent polyphenols. •
•Thanks to its cleansing function, it renews dead cells and tightens the skin.
•Quickly heals open wounds.
•Removes harmful substances from the skin (detoxification).

The mask contains moisturizing and soothing ingredients: mulberry seed oil, which makes the skin supple mixed with mineral-rich thermal water has an excellent cleansing and light drying effect. Soothes, absorbs excess sebum, visibly tightens the pores. The mask fights acne and wrinkles, and is also known for its antiseptic properties. With regular use of clay-based products, the complexion improves, the skin looks fresh. When washed off, the mask exfoliates dead cells, working as a scrub.

To deeply clean the pores, provide a detox effect, gently refresh and soften the skin,  give a radiant appearance, remove excess sebum,
defeat black spots and prevent their appearance fight acne and wrinkles.

Thermal water from a mineral-rich thermal spring with a temperature of 99'C retains its soothing, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. Pure thermal water, rich in minerals and trace elements, refreshes and soothes the skin. The delicacy and sterility of thermal water provide long-term protection of the skin and moisturize it.

Moisturizes dehydrated skin, refreshes and soothes the skin, provides long-lasting skin protection,  removes redness and skin irritation
sunburn, rash in infants,
restores the skin after removing makeup, shaving, sports, epilation.