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Treat yourself to a shower gel, the formula of which was developed by specialists of the brand Naturel by Yanni specifically for everyday use. From the very first application, you will feel tenderness with a wonderful fruity aroma, while getting the desired cleansing and comfort. The cosmetic formula is based on ingredients that do not cause irritation and peeling. The product is versatile, it is suitable for any skin type and can be used by all family members for hydration and skin nutrition. The gel has a pleasant gel consistency, gently enveloping the body with a soft thick foam and giving the skin freshness, silkiness and a light unobtrusive aroma.


◉ Nourishes dry skin and provides hydration

◉ Pleasant fragrance of your skin

◉ Daily use for bath and shower

◉ Juicy and sweet aroma will allow you to relax;

HOW TO USE: Pour a desired amount of shower gel onto your skin or bath sponge, massage gently over your body, and rinse thoroughly with water.